A Journey Through the Solar System

Are you interested in what is beyond our atmosphere? Visit the planetarium for an experience out of this world! We will give you a tour of space, just let us know what stars, planets, and constellations you want to see!

Bath and Body Works

Who does not love a little pampering? Well now you can bring the spa home! Make soap and bath salts for your very own spa day at home, all while learning the importance of good hygiene!

Build A Body

Have you ever wondered what is inside your body? At Build A Body you will learn about the major organ systems as you piece together a model of your very own body!

Creepy and Crawly

Spiders and snakes and scorpions, oh my! Discover why some of the most commonly feared creatures are more fascinating than they are scary.

Cup O Dirt

Do not be afraid to get messy learning about soil and the organisms that live it! Gummy worms, pudding, crushed Oreos, etc. will be included to explain the soil environment.

Eyes on the Prize

Students will perform multiple vision based activities and learn about their vision along the way. These activities include optical illusions, finding your blind spot, eye spy games, making sunglasses, tasty treats, and more!

Fingerprint Fun

Come learn about the unique pattern of the fingerprints you leave behind! You'll get to look at your own fingerprints and solve a mystery!

Fun with Reptiles

This class will have a bunch of our reptiles that live at Truman. The kids learn fun facts, myths, and common misconceptions about the reptiles and you will also get to hold and pet the reptiles!

Lets Get Fizzy

We're going to be making some homemade bath bombs! These fizzing little ball can be enjoyed by your family or given as gifts. It's sure to be a blast...or fizz

Lets Glow

Learn the science behind glow sticks! We'll be breaking them open to investigate what's inside!

Lets Talk Chocolate

Kids will learn the process of cocoa bean to chocolate bar in this fun and interactive exploration of one of the worlds favorite flavors! We will explore the chemistry of chocolate processes and discuss its uses throughout history while sampling different versions of this incredible compound. Get ready for a surprising and sweet treat as we dive into the exciting world of chocolate!


Students will get to learn about cool math problems, math card tricks, illusions, and puzzles.

Microbe Mania

Come learn about good and the bad microbes, and how tiny, living things that make big impacts in our big world! Also, what are they made of? Let's find out by making a cookie treat!

Numismatics Fanatics

People have been throwing pennies into wishing wells for, well, centuries. Learn chemistry by throwing dirty pennies into acid containing compounds, so they come out shiny and new! Guaranteed to not be dull

Ooey Gooey Slime

Dive into a ooey gooey blob of slime with us as we explore the science behind it! You will have a chance to make your own slime and customize it the way you want with rainbows of colors and even glitter! Come for the science, stay for the slime.

Science and Sports

This class will include information to help kids eat healthy and stay active. We will be moving around and playing games incorporating these ideas.

Stuck On Octopi

Come join us in the deep ocean to explore the world of Octopi. In this class you will learn all about how an octopus lives. You might even learn some cool secrets of the octopus and take home your very own octopus!

The Science Behind Clouds

This class will discuss the different types of clouds within Earth's atmosphere. Each student will be given the tools to create a cirrus, a stratus, and a cumulonimbus cloud as the two student teachers explain a little bit about each one. While learning about these types of clouds, the teachers will also do a few demonstrations of rainfall using shaving cream and food dye. This is both a cool way to see the drops falling from the clouds while learning about the science behind it.

Washing Germs Away

Our class will be about the spread of germs and handwashing! We will talk about what a germ is, what happens when we come into contact with germs and how we can prevent the spread of germs! We will be conducting an activity in which the students will get to put lotion and glitter on their hands and touch different objects in order to visualize how germs are spread.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

We will learn about freezing point depressions while learning how to make and eat ice cream! We will also be able to talk about freezing water and how things freeze!

Wicked Weather

Do you like storms? Have you ever wondered how a tornado works? If so, come and learn about this and more in Wicked Weather and test it out for yourself by making your very own tornado!