A Journey Through the Solar System

Are you interested in what is beyond our atmosphere? Visit the planetarium for an experience out of this world! We will give you a tour of space, just let us know what stars, planets, and constellations you want to see!

All About Blood

You know blood as the red stuff that oozes out if you get a paper cut or scrape your knee. But what is it really? Why do we need it? Students will learn about the cells that make up blood, what blood does for us, and why it's important to maintain good cardiovascular health.

Almost Gone The Rarest Species in the World

Endangered species may not be around forever, so it is important to study them while we can. Join us to learn about the most rare and interesting animals and plants around the world and in your very own backyard!

Animal Myths and Legends

What is it that makes a fox tricky, or a lion noble? How can these legends help us better appreciate the beauty in the natural world? We will learn about the different stories and symbols that have developed around the animals who live with and around us.

Balancing Biodiversity

Remember how in Finding Nemo, Nemo and his dad live in an anemone? This is just one example of animals depending on each other for survival. Join us as we learn more about how all animals interact with one another and their roles towards the environment by playing Jenga!

Bath and Body Works

Who does not love a little pampering? Well now you can bring the spa home! Make soap and bath salts for your very own spa day at home, all while learning the importance of good hygiene!

Build A Body

Have you ever wondered what is inside your body? At Build A Body you will learn about the major organ systems as you piece together a model of your very own body!

Critters of Missouri

Learn about 3 of the amazing species that live in Missouri and how you can help conserve their homes! Learn about the bats that live in our caves, dragon flies that spend time around our ponds and flowers, and the mysterious hellbender that lives at the bottom of some of your rivers in the south.

Cup O Dirt

Do not be afraid to get messy learning about soil and the organisms that live it! Gummy worms, pudding, crushed Oreos, etc. will be included to explain the soil environment.

Exploring the Coral Reef

Strap on your scuba gear and dive down with us to explore the wonderful coral reef ecosystem! We will discover the creatures that call the coral reef home, such as clownfish, turtles, and sharks. Come learn why the coral reef is so special and why we should protect it. You might even get to see some sharks!

Eyes on the Prize

Students will perform multiple vision based activities and learn about their vision along the way. These activities include optical illusions, finding your blind spot, eye spy games, making sunglasses, tasty treats, and more!

Germs! They Are Everywhere!

What REALLY happens when you wash your hands? In this class, we will expose how quickly germs can spread disease, and we will figure out what is the best way to get those invisible little germs gone for good.

Groovology Lava Lamp Laboratory

How do Lava Lamps work? Learn about liquid densities by making your OWN lava lamp and seeing it work!

Lets Glow

Do you think fireflies, jellyfish, or even mushrooms that light up in the dark are cool? This class will look at these and many more and see how they make this happen! We will also show you how to make your own glow in the dark project!

Lets Talk Chocolate

Kids will learn the process of cocoa bean to chocolate bar in this fun and interactive exploration of one of the worlds favorite flavors! We will explore the chemistry of chocolate processes and discuss its uses throughout history while sampling different versions of this incredible compound. Get ready for a surprising and sweet treat as we dive into the exciting world of chocolate!

Microbe Mania

Come learn about good and the bad microbes, and how tiny, living things that make big impacts in our big world! Also, what are they made of? Let's find out by making a cookie treat!

Molecule Madness

Do you wonder what stuff is made of? Come learn about and build your own molecules, the tiny building blocks that make up everything, including you!

Reptiles and Amphibians

This class discusses life history, ecology, physiology, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians with live specimens that the kids can hold and interact with.

Secret Message Writing

Come join us to learn how to write a secret message that only you will be able to see! You will also be able to learn about the science behind the secret. If you want to be a secret agent this is the class for you! You can leave the class with a new understanding of what it takes to be a secret agent and maybe even continue secret message writing at home.

See the World in Technicolors

Have you ever wanted to make your own kaleidoscope? Well then look no further! In this fun interactive class, students will be able to design their own kaleidoscope and see how the different designs they create look within their very own kaleidoscope.

Strawberry Science

You may have heard that your body is made up of tiny cells, but what tells the cells what to do? DNA is the boss! We will learn about DNA and you will get to do an experiment to see how much DNA is in a strawberry.

The Pollinator Games

Come learn about the importance of pollinators with games and snacks! We will be playing Pollinator Tag, planting wildflowers, and learning about nature!

To Tie Dye For!

In this class we will learn about the science behind tie dying! We'll apply what we learn by adding a splash of color to a pair of socks!

Vital Signs and First Aid

Want to be a nurse or a doctor? This class will teach you about vital signs and some basic first aid skills. Along with learning these skills, you will also get an overview of how your heart pumps blood and how your lungs breath air.

Wicked Weather

Do you like storms? Have you ever wondered how a tornado works? If so, come and learn about this and more in Wicked Weather and test it out for yourself by making your very own tornado!