A Closer Look at Creepy Crawlies

Spiders, centipedes, and worms, oh my! Learn to think before you squish and get to know what makes these inverts more cool than creepy! Enjoy snacks, crafts, fun facts, and learn to catch and release all sorts of critters.

All About Blood

You know blood as the red stuff that oozes out if you get a paper cut or scrape your knee. But what is it really? Why do we need it? Students will learn about the cells that make up blood, what blood does for us, and why its important to maintain good cardiovascular health.

Build A Body

Have you ever wondered what's inside your body? At Build A Body you will learn about the major organ systems as you piece together a model of your very own body!

Cup O Dirt

Do not be afraid to get messy learning about soil and the organisms that live in it! Gummy worms, pudding, Oreos and more!

Extracting DNA

Did you know, if you take all of the DNA from your cells, it can wrap 2.5 million times around the earth! Do you want to know what makes you unique? Come extract the DNA from a banana!

Eyes On The Prize

Students will perform multiple vision based activities and learn about their vision along the way. These activities include optical illusions, finding your blind spot, eye spy games, making sunglasses, tasty treats, and more!

Fascinating Food

Everyone knows that food gives us energy, but have you ever wondered how our brain and muscles can use energy that comes from food digested all the way down in our small intestine? In this class you will learn about what food is made of and how our body uses it to provide energy so that we can run, play, sing and solve math problems!

Fingerprint Fun

Come learn about the unique pattern of that fingerprints leave behind! You will get to look at your own fingerprints and solve a mystery!

Fun with Floats

Have you ever wondered what makes a root beer float so fizzy? Learn about the chemistry secrets of this desert, it is science you can eat!

Invisible Ink

The time to become a secret spy has come! Come join us in looking at how to make invisible ink using the properties of acids and bases!

Lets Go to Space

Who wants to go to the Space? Is anyone interested in looking at how different planets look? Try to remember their names as you might get a surprise if you can name the planets. We will enjoy learning about the space and planets. Get excited for the videos too!

Marshmallow Madness

Welcome to Marshmallow Madness! In this class you will have the chance to team up with another friend to build the best marshmallow catapult and learn about gravity and why some marshmallows travel farther than others. The laws of physics will determine which team will win.

Microbe Mania

Microbe Mania is a class that teaches kids all about the microscopic life around them. Kids will learn what microbes are, where they live, what they do, and what they look like. They will learn the importance of hand washing and will interactively learn about the makeup of a bacterial cell and its organelles using a cookie and various sweets to construct an edible diorama.

Molecular Madness

Do you wonder what stuff is made of? Come learn about and build your own molecules, the tiny building blocks that make up everything, including you!

Ooey Gooey Slime

Dive into a ooey gooey blob of slime with us as we explore the science behind it! You will have a chance to make your own slime and customize it the way you want with rainbows of colors and even glitter! Come for the science, stay for the slime.

Soil Horizons

Learn where life begins! With our hands on activity you will become an expert on the different types of soil and the organisms that live within and all the plants that grow! Hope you're ready to get your hands dirty!

Stuck on Octopi

Come join us in the deep ocean to explore the world of Octopi. In this class you will learn all about how an octopus lives. You might even learn some cool secrets of the octopus and take home your very own octopus!


it's about to get crazy

The Explosive World of Volcanoes

You will learn about volcanoes, see a large demonstration, get to do a smaller one with a group of students, and even get to make your own paper volcano!

The Matrix and Python Coding

In this exciting exploration into one of the many languages that your computer speaks, you will be introduced to the python coding language. Computer languages allow your video games to run, advanced math calculations to be performed quickly, and produce many of the pretty pictures you have seen. These are of course fairly complex topics, but you should be able to reproduce the cascading ones and zeros that are so iconic from the matrix movie within our short time together.

The Strange World of Reptiles

This class discusses life history, ecology, physiology, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians with live specimens that the kids can hold and interact with!

We all Scream for Ice Cream

We will learn about freezing point depressions while learning how to make and eat a yummy treat. We will also be able be able to talk about freezing water and how things freeze. We will also be able to talk about mixtures and how ingredients can combine to make different things

Wicked Weather

Do you like storms? Have you ever wondered how a tornado works? If so, some and learn about this and more in Wicked Weather and test it out for yourself!